Date 16 of 52 Easter Bunny Date

Date 16 of 52 Easter Bunny Date

Cost: $45 (Food & Drinks) + Free Family Babysitter = $45

Mood: Playful

Location: Osteria Moto in El Dorado Town Center

Fails: Forgot our Easter Bunny materials

When holidays roll around, we always feel like we have all of these creative, fun ideas to celebrate and then either we do not get them done, or we are up until 1 a.m. finishing them.  We have started to realize the benefit of a prep date. Easter is coming up and in our house, the Easter Bunny has a pretty extensive scavenger hunt. Our kids are still little so the clues hidden in the eggs are all pictures.  With family in town, we were able to sneak away for an afternoon to enjoy drawing our Easter clues.

Osteria Moto in downtown El Dorado Hills had the perfect outdoor seating by the fountain to relax and draw.  As we get out of the car, we realized that we forgot our coloring supplies. We knew Osteria Moto was very kid friendly and they likely have crayons and paper, but asking for them just seemed a little odd.  We debated whether to sneak home or even go to Target, but it seemed like a big waste of time. Date minutes are precious. So we awkwardly asked for some crayons and paper. Luckily, the host was extremely helpful and it ended up being no big deal.  If anything, our crayons at home are likely all broken from the kids, and so their nice (not broken) crayons were a treat.

As we ate a variety of appetizers from house-made pasta to roasted brussels sprouts to perfectly fried garbanzo beans, we enjoyed reminiscing on all of our previous Easters while drawing the clues that we will hide around the house.  The best part of the date was knowing that we will be going to bed early the night before Easter, which will be needed because the kids always wake up extra early on that day! Making our special chore into a fun, playful time together, prevented a likely frustrating moment later.  We are very thankful for this date!

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