Date 14 of 52 Make it Hot or Not

Cost: $50

Mood: Spicy

Location: At home

Time: 45 minutes

Fail: Already being a re-schedule, we had our littlest refusing to stay asleep during the date and eventually joined the date.

Oh the reschedule….We had tried to do our Hot Sauce Making Kit from DIY Gift Kits over a month ago, but we were feeling sick and gave each other lymph drainage massages instead.  Yes, even following simple directions with a premade kit seemed overwhelming that day.  But tonight, was the night. Our Sriracha was running low and we were excited to finally open that bag with the extremely hot ghost pepper.  Our hips started to move as we turned on some Mariachi music and read some interesting facts on peppers. However, halfway into our date, we needed to use the blender. We are pretty sure our littlest would have woken up even if we did not have the blender whirring, but it likely contributed.  The first time she woke up was before the date even began when Mr. Smooch was just opening the box. Mrs. Smooch thought she may be able to quickly help her fall back asleep, and it seemed like a success because Mr. Smooch was still on step number 1 when she came back. However, by blending time, our kiddo was not staying in bed.  So we turned all the lights low and she snuggled while we finished making our hot sauce. We did not realize how easy it was to make hot sauce when given everything you need in a nicely packaged box. The kit comes with enough peppers to make more than one recipe. For now, we have quite a bit of hot sauce to go through from the first recipe and we are excited to try another recipe on our next spicy date!  Even though this date had a few interruptions, the DIY Kit and Spicy Theme just gave us enough of a boost to be playful, to dance, and to learn something new together.

Date Playfully!

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch       

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch