Date 11 of 52 Love to Win

Date 11: Love for the Win

Cost: $22.68 (food) + $40 (babysitter) = $62.68

Mood: Light

Location: Stephen Harris Park Tennis Courts & Authentic Street Taco

Time: 2 hours

Fails: Not really knowing how to play tennis for our Tennis Date

With our days getting away from us, neither of us had exercised or moved much that day.  With one of our values being consistency over intensity, this concept also applies to exercise.  We really try to sweat or challenge our bodies every day (even if it was just a set of push-ups).  So, we decided to have an active date. Neither of us felt like anything too intense, and we just wanted a light-hearted fun date.  So, we picked an activity neither of us are particularly good at, tennis.

We occasionally played before having kids, but have not played in a while. Win! We found our tennis racquets and found 3 tennis balls that have not been chewed by our dog.  As we turn into the parking lot of Stephen Harris Park, we realize that neither of us remember the rules of the game. The only thing we could remember is that love is zero points, which is a much gentler way of telling someone that they are losing badly.  So we found this video on how to play tennis.  After watching the video and checking out a few websites to verify, we concluded that we actually never really knew how to play tennis.  

Trying to figure out how to play and making up a few of our own rules made our tennis date very entertaining.  After about 45 minutes of continuous play, we think we played 1 set of tennis. We decided to grab food before needing to be back for the babysitter. We were on the hunt for a restaurant where our sweaty sweatpants were welcome and that also had yummy food. The new Authentic Street Taco  restaurants in El Dorado Hills was the perfect laid back spot to see a beautiful sunset while eating delicious California style burritos.

Doing new things (or old things that now seem new) together creates such a fond and unique memory for us.   Most importantly, our energies can easily get drained with kids, work, and other responsibilities, it is great to get endorphins flowing and re-energize together with some light exercise. We do not want to suck the life from each other or be seen as another energy drain to our partner.  How do you help energize your partner? Let us know in the comments below.

Date Playfully,

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch