Date 13 of 52 Bella Bru & Taxes Due

Date 13 of 52 Bella Bru & Taxes Due

Cost: $40 (food & drinks) + $40 (babysitting) = $80

Mood: Solemn and then celebratory!!!

Location: Bella Bru in El Dorado Hills

Fails: No major fails

Tax Season is upon us and we are trying to be responsible adults.  We are having a tax date. We were trying to do little by little at night when the kids went to bed, but all the details became too much late at night.   Yes, one of us could just do it, while the other watches the kids during the day, but we also use this tax time as an opportunity to review finances. We both want to understand how the money is flowing.  So the hunt was on...where could we find a comfortable place that still had delicious food and drinks to do our taxes? It couldn’t be too small, that everyone could hear our in-depth money talk, but yet not loud where we couldn’t even hear each other.  Also, we needed a place that has wifi and it isn’t weird that we both have our laptops out.

We landed on Bella Bru.  It was the perfect spot to get work done in a playful way. We had a nice big booth with lots of room to spread out the laptops and food. After consuming a yummy salad, smoothie, and homemade macaroons, we realized that we missed out on their freshly baked breads. Next time...for now we needed to focus on the task at hand, taxes.

There will always be things we need to get done that take our full attention and hopefully equal input.  Being able to have a finance talk in a relaxing environment, away from everyday life, really helped us reflect and create goals. Thinking about our future and how our finances fit, can bring up many emotions.  Finance talk is not just about numbers. Money encompasses conversations about values, emotional coping (i.e. shopping therapy), lifestyle, dreams, family relationships, and more. Doing a finance date, always reveals another piece of each other. We always feel like we understand each other on a much deeper level after talking about finances.  We hope you take the time to connect and learn about each other’s associations with money in a relaxing environment.

Get the important things done together and make the mundane playful.

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