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Date 10: Show Your Love

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Mood: Reflective and nostalgic

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Tonight we felt like taking a Love Quiz...not a magazine one, but a well thought out quiz called the Love Languages Quiz.  We had read the book and taken the quiz before, but it was about 10 years ago; and so we were curious if anything has changed.  The 5 Love Languages Quiz is based on  Dr. Gary Chapman’s best selling book.  

The love languages include:

1. Acts of Service

2. Words of Affirmation

3. Quality Time

4. Receiving Gifts

5. Physical Touch

While everyone likely needs all 5 love languages, it is nice to reflect on how each of us want to receive love and how we tend to give love to each other.    

We discovered that our love language profiles have changed over the past decade.  Kids likely played a role in that change. Perhaps how our kids choose to show their love can fill up our need for certain love languages that we would have previously sought from our partner.  Even our capacity to show love has changed with kids. For instance, kids demand a lot of acts of service, and digging deep to do more acts of service for a partner takes some effort. In some ways we also noticed having kids made us crave certain love languages more, such as words of affirmation.  How does this new parenting hat look on me, partner?

We also, enjoyed thinking about which ways we show love to our kids and which of the 5 love languages we do not express well to them.  When our first daughter was born we read Love Languages for Children, but we continue to be amazed at how fast our kids change, how our interaction with them then change, and therefore, how we show love to them changes too.

How we choose to express love and want to receive love is such an intimate topic to revisit.  While we felt good that we communicate our love to each better now than even ten years ago, we still have a long road ahead.  With each bump or turn, we are constantly shifting which love languages we have the capacity to give and which we really want to receive. Try doing a Love Quiz Date! Feel free to comment below on how you used your results.

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