Date 12 of 52 Breakout of Your Comfort Zone

Date 12: Breakout of your comfort zone

Mood: Nervous and excited

Cost: $75 (bike rental) + $30 (food) + $80 (babysitting) = $185

Location: Folsom Lake Trail and Heckle

Time Spent: A lot (4 hours)

Fails: Got lost, almost ran over turkeys, and a minor bloody shin

Mr. Smooch loves to ride with the Folsom Breakouts.  If you are unfamiliar with the Breakouts, they are a mountain biking group that ride on Tuesday nights even in the dark (they have really good headlamps).  This hobby is not for the faint at heart.  Mrs. Smooch has always believed that she does not have to do all the same hobbies as Mr. Smooch, but it is nice to take interest in other people’s passions. When she has learned to love Mr. Smooch’s interests, she usually feels very proud of herself for conquering something new and she discovers a whole new part of Mr. Smooch.  

Mountain biking is the new hobby and so even though she felt very nervous, the challenge was accepted. 

We parked in the lot across the street from Karen’s Bakery, which is where the Breakouts meet.  Starting out on the path, we headed across the bridge and took the first turn down the hill.  At this point, Mrs. Smooch was terrified watching Mr. Smooch just effortless take the trail straight down this pretty steep hill.  Mrs. Smooch decided to build up courage and wind down the paved path.  Eventually there was no more path to easily follow Mr. Smooch and she ventured underneath the bridge on the dirt trail.  Mr. Smooch taught Mrs. Smooch how to lean back with her bottom completely off the seat when going downhill so her butt won’t be sore.  What a difference!  The first down hill with lots of baby heads (cool biker language for round smooth rocks), Mrs. Smooch completely chickened out, but by the end she had the lean back and was trusting her bike to go over the baby heads.

With lots of encouragement and patience, Mrs. Smooch felt like she was getting better.  Mr. Smooch helped her get out of her comfort zone and feel great about it!  Mr. Smooch revealed that he was terrified of the baby heads and walked those same hills when he first started too.  While Mrs. Smooch, watched her amazing husband ride, she realized that he must have improved quite a bit since first starting.  Mrs. Smooch loved that she could share this new hobby with Mr. Smooch and be able to feel proud of him now that she understands what it takes to improve.

We had so many amazing moments, such as seeing a Bald Eagle perched on the nest and watching the beautiful sunset over Lake Natoma on a perfect 65 degree F day with no clouds. As with any escapade, there were a few hiccups:

  1. Mrs. Smooch has a little bit of a bloody shin from falling

  2. Mr. Smooch almost took out the Turkeys that were blocking the path

  3. We got lost and found ourselves at Dos Coyotes.  Thank goodness for Google Maps.

For a new adventure, these weren’t that bad.  We ended at Heckle, that gives a 20% discount for riders.  Amazing!!  We loved their bbq pulled pork tator tots with coleslaw.  The bike decor really set the mood, and after a very long ride, we really enjoyed our food and drinks.  

To quote Dale Carnegie on How to Win Friends and Influence People, “Talk in terms of other people’s interest”.  Why shouldn’t we all be constantly trying to win over our partner?  Learn and talk in terms of what each other love.  We do this for our kids and even acquaintances.  Yes, sometimes, we have to fake the excitement until we make it and are truly enjoying it.  Showing love and commitment takes work and we are willing to fake it until we make it on hobbies that is, not other things…. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Smooch

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch