Date 7 of 52 In Sickness & In Health

Date 7:  In Sickness and In Health Date

Mood:  Cuddly and grateful

Location:  Our family room couch

Time Spent:  About 45 minutes

Fails:  We scrapped our original date, which was making hot sauce from scratch. With blankets wrapped around us, we really didn’t feel like moving off the couch with our stuffy noses and tired bodies.

We knew it was coming.  The kids were sick first, and sure enough we both started to feel that tickle in our throat.  For the first 10 minutes after our kids went to bed, we debated whether we should just watch a movie for our date and not move.  Then we decided to be good little adults and go to bed early, leaving us not enough time to watch a movie. Instead, we landed on the idea of taking care of each other and called it our “In Sickness and In Health Date”.  First, we set the mood, by making tea, grabbing tissues (or really just a whole roll of toilet paper), saline nasal spray, and chest rub. With this set up, we were feeling quite cozy and the touching began…just a plain old head and neck massage.  Remember we are not feeling well.

So, Mrs. Smooch found for a self lymph drainage massage that we did on each other.  The massage was very relaxing and easy to follow. By the end of it, we felt like we could breathe a little better.  Both of us were excited about this, because neither of us wanted to be snoring monsters with crazy stuffy noses that night.  We also felt very thankful. Neither of us can just call our mom and have her come running over with soup whenever we want.  Both of our parents live far away and it is not their job anymore. Our job is to take care of each other, and we feel lucky that we have someone who is willing to do that job….even if it is just a bad cold.  We vowed in sickness and in health. There will be many more sick days despite how much we try to avoid it. The key will be trying to enjoy those days as much as possible with snuggles and maybe some lymph drainage massages.

Date Playfully!

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch