Date 9 of 52 Squeezing It In

Date 9: Squeezing it in

Cost: Babysitting $0 + 2 Ski day passes $204 + Skis/Snowboard $0 (we own them) = $204

Mood: Rushed but exhilarating

Location:  Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Time Spent: 1.5 hours

Fails: No major fails, just a lot of indecision.

This date was really the one we were most proud of.  Mr. Smooch had been on two work trips in a row and the last one was international.  Without a break, family came into town for a big family reunion in Tahoe. This is it, game time.  Will we keep on track, or will we feel like a failed dieter during the holidays. We love spending time with family, and we hate that they live so far away.  So, when family does come to visit, we want to immerse ourselves in family time. Just, this time we had our goal of at least one date to connect this week. If we aren’t consistent during the busy times, then we will never be consistent, because life is busy.  So, game on.

The entire family decided to go skiing.  From aged 2 to 62, a large group of us skied down the Kirkwood Mountain Resort.  With the first half of the day focused on teaching our kids how to ski, we felt exhausted.  The intense winter snow storm had made the steps to the ticket office invisible. So, just carrying kids/skis up the snowy mountain to get to the start of the magic carpet on the bunny hill took us an hour.  However, the look on our kids faces when they learned to ski on their own was worth it. Once we were inside for lunch and the promised hot chocolate, we weren’t sure if he had it in us to go back out. We could just go home and get a warm shower, but we knew this was our chance.  Grandpa, Grandma, and Great Aunt were all done skiing and offered to watch our kids. There was a lot of indecision: should they bring the kids back to the cabin? Stay there? Switch the car seats to their car just in-case they need to leave? Do we have enough diapers? Wipes?

Finally, we were off!  When we were in college, skiing was often our spring break trip.  Growing up in the Midwest, there were a few hills, but no mountains around.  While so many of our friends went South to warm weather on vacation, only a small group of us would head west to the mountains.  Mr. Smooch loved that Mrs. Smooch stayed right with him on the slopes and would say yes to almost any run except moguls. Mrs. Smooch hates moguls.  Watching each other conquer fears by going down difficult runs and enjoying the thrill, is such a satisfying feeling. We forgot how much we loved to ski together. At the end of each run, we would snuggle up on the chair lift and had the opportunity to catch up on how we were feeling or what was on our mind.

With such a windy snowy day, many of the lifts were closed and so we realized that we only had two options to get back to the lodge on the bunny hill side:  

1. Ski down and take a 10 minute hike with our ski poles or wait for the shuttle

2. Ski the black diamond Sentinel to wiggle our way over

At this point, we mostly stuck with blue squares, which is intermediate. With the recent memory of hiking through snow with skis/kids on our mind, going for the black diamond challenge seemed more fun.  Once Mrs. Smooch was at the top of the mountain with blowing wind and signs that read CAUTION CLIFF, she started to second guess her choice. After the first initial turn down the mountain, the fear turned into exhilaration!  

We were so glad that we put in the work to squeeze in this little bit of time together.  It is easy to forget how amazing your significant other is, and doing something challenging is a great way to remember.  Also, it wasn’t perfect. With our family still around, we felt like we were pawning our kids off and ditching the group, but with Mr. Smooch’s travel, we needed to make something work.  We’re glad that we did. Hopefully soon we can get a whole weekend away to the slopes and spas in the Tahoe area.

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