Date 8 of 52: Loving Touch

Date 8: Loving Touch

Mood: Excited and giggly

Cost: $50 (2 tickets for Love Workshop) + $50 (babysitting) = $100 Total

Location:  Spotted Dog Yoga

Time Spent: 2.5 hours

Fails: No major fails.  Smooth moving.

We have been meaning to try a class at Spotted Dog Yoga for awhile, especially since they are so family friendly.  When our friend sent along the “LOVE” date night workshop at Spotted Dog Yoga for the day after Valentine’s Day, it was the perfect excuse to try it out.  

After saying goodbye to our little ones, we headed out wearing our comfy pants and water bottles in hand.  When we arrived and saw all the people walking up with yoga mats, we wondered if we needed one. Our mats have really beautiful blue marker drawn all over it in a scribble fashion (thanks to our youngest’s artistic efforts), and we were not ready to share our family’s art with the public yet.  Luckily, they have very nice mats that we borrowed. With such a warm welcome from the Spotted Dog Yoga staff, we took off our shoes and put them in the cubby. As we waited to go into the yoga room, we saw many other couples giggling with excitement and wondering what we were going to do.

In the darkened yoga room, each couple had their mats next to each other.  The room was filled, but luckily not overcrowded. Everyone had enough room to fully stretch out.  The yoga instructors, who were also married, led us through a wonderful partner Thai massage and yoga session.  There was lots of twisting, bending, breathing, massaging, cracking, and most importantly touching of your partner.  From the giggles we heard around the room, we assumed couples were having a very playful time with the new moves. The instructors set up the mood to be very relaxed and fun.  At the end, we felt like we were floating just a little bit. As we came into the waiting room, delicious sparkling water and champagne were waiting for us, along with scrumptious recovery snacks and treats.  Reflecting on our date, we were so happy that we chose an active date. Far too often, we find Valentine’s Day dates to be about a prix fixe menu with way too much food, sweets, and alcohol, where we feel like we are big balls rolling home.  Feeling bloated doesn’t exactly set the mood for the remainder of the night, if you know what we mean. We loved how Spotted Dog Yoga created a night that still let us indulge a little, but made the main focus of the night about connecting with our bodies and our date’s body.  We will take what we learned and hopefully take it to the next level. Maybe acroyoga is in our future.  

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