Date 6 of 52 Pampering in Palladio

Date 6:  Pampering in Palladio

Mood:  Relaxed

Location:  Palladio in Folsom

Time Spent:  3 hours

Fails:  No major fails!

We just had an early Valentine’s Day inspired date.  Yes, we are early. We just don’t want to worry about crowded restaurants and having to ask our babysitter to watch our kids instead of spending time with her husband.  So we have our Relaxing Rub Down box ready to go for Valentine’s Night when the kids go to bed.

For our big date, we treated ourselves to a couples Botanical Foot Treatment from Serenity Spa in Folsom.  Initially Mrs. Smooch really wanted to do a couples massage at Serenity Spa, but Mr. Smooch was a little hesitant.  He doesn’t love having stranger massage his whole body, while another stranger massages his wife’s body next to him.  Then during the massage, you don’t really get a chance to talk to each other. So, Mr. Smooch looked at all of the spa options at Serenity Spa and landed on the Botanical Foot Treatment.

The experience was fantastic.  After changing into our comfy robes, we sat next to each other on the couch and sipped on warm tea in the Zen lounge.  The massage therapists were fantastic! We started with a hot stone foot bath, and while our feet soaked, we started to catch up on our day.  The massage therapists came back a few minutes later to give our feet a great exfoliation, and foot/lower leg massage. While we had a minty seaweed mask, we had another good chunk of time to reflect and connect.  The treatment was topped off with a delicious dark chocolate covered strawberry.

After our pampering spa treatment, our feet felt fantastic.  We thought we would take a stroll to Back Bistro for happy hour.  The delicious food and calm environment was perfect to cap off our pampering Palladio date.

Date Playfully!

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