Date 5 of 52 Relaxing Rub Down

Date 5:  Relaxing Rub Down

Mood:  Exhausted to Energized

Location:  Our Family Room

Time Spent:  1.5 hours

Fails:  Burnt a little bit of our feather and a kid woke up

Kids were finally in bed and we open up one of our Smooch Night boxes, Relaxing Rub Down.  Even though we wrote the instructions of the massage, we were so tired from the day that we couldn’t think of the steps.  So, we followed the short instructions. With our dimmed lights and candles lit, exhausted Mrs. Smooch bumped the feather into the candle.  That woke her up. She quickly blew out the fire and luckily only a few feathers were lost. With adrenaline going, she perked up and started to give a back massage to Mr. Smooch.

When we were about to switch, our little kiddo woke up.  Thankfully, she fell back to sleep only 10 minutes later, and it was time for Mrs. Smooch to get her relaxing rub down. By the end of the massage, we were both feeling much more energized.  Not that we had enough energy to run a marathon at that point, but just feeling the weight of the day lifted. We had the energy to focus outside of ourselves and on each other.

We ate our sweet treat and reflected on how nice it is to have such a romantic and relaxing date right at home.  We realized that it would be the perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Avoiding crowded restaurants and having to ask our babysitter to watch our kids rather than see her husband on Valentine’s Day, sounded good to us.

Date Playfully!

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch

Mr. & Mrs. Smooch