52 Date Challenge!

It is the beginning of the year, and most people have made the wrong New Year’s resolution.  According to Inc Magazine’s survey of 2000 people, the top 3 New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier (71%), exercise more (65%), or lose weight (54%) (Inc.com article).  In Mrs. Smooch’s former life, she helped many people set and achieve their health goals as a personal trainer and registered dietitian nutritionist.  Her biggest epiphany while working in wellness, was how relationships were often the root of unhealthy behaviors.  More times than not, avoiding conflict or feeling unresolved conflict with a person was causing either stress eating, sleeping troubles, and/or skipping workouts.  If you feel indifferent or unhappy with your relationship, then the stress is likely impeding on the other areas of your life.  In order to avoid taking your significant other for granted, we must put the work and time into our relationships. 

So, we are among the 13% of people who made a relationship resolution.  Of course, relationships are a marathon, and a marathon is about consistency rather than intensity (although a bit of intensity is never bad in a relationship either).  For us that consistency means planned quality time.  Ideally, that time is once a week.  Does that seem high?  Yeah, that’s what our friends said too.  Well, we have 168 hours in a week.  Taking out 56 hours for sleep per week, that leaves us with 112 hours.  We can surely spare 1-2 hours a week, or 1-2% of our time, for the most significant relationship in our lives.  If you think that a date night every week is difficult, then you might be thinking about a 4-5 hour date to dinner and a movie.  Remember, consistency is the key in this marathon.  We need to simplify the definition of a date.  A date is 1 - 2 hours of planned quality time to connect, communicate, and have fun. 

So, our New Year’s resolution is to date at least once per week.  To keep us honest, we are going to blog about our experience here.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I’m sure there will be things that get in the way, but we’ll share that struggle with you all.  Also, we aren’t simply making a goal, we are also creating a system.  We believe that systems are even more important than goals. Our system is as follows...

1.       Date night out twice per month - We’ll use our regular babysitter every other Friday

a.       If we must miss date night out, reschedule with babysitter immediately (while cancelling the original date).

2.       Date night in twice per month - We’ll be utilizing our Smooch Night products and test other ideas every other Wednesday

a.       No late naps for kiddos on stay in date nights (for our kids, this does not work for all).  If kids didn’t fall asleep by 2:30p.m., then we will just put them to bed early.

b.       Start bedtime no later than 7:30 p.m. on stay in date nights.

It’s that simple, or at least we think so now.  We hope that you join us on this adventure and set your own ideal state.  Also, we would LOVE suggestions for things to do on our stay in date nights.  We want this to be a community of Smoochers that help you get consistent, quality time with your significant other.  Wish us luck on our 52 date adventure! How many dates can you commit to?

Date Playfully!

Mr. and Mrs. Smooch

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