Date 3 of 52 Partner Stretch & Recovery Date

Date 3:  Stretch and Recovery

Mood:  Sore from pushing our middle-aged bodies

Location:  Our family room floor

Time Spent:  About 45 minutes

Fails:  Mr. Smooch’s general flexibility and not the most planned date night

Week 3 has come and gone and we are calling it a win, even though it wasn’t much of a planned date night.  It was a Wednesday, our scheduled night, but we were tired and sore from overdoing it early in the week on our workouts.  Both of us felt like we needed to do some stretching and recover. So Mrs. Smooch suggested that we make the date into a partner stretching date.  Well, let’s just say that it was hilarious. Picture a very handsy yoga instructor forcing you to go deeper into each move, except with your spouse and in the comfort of your own home.  

Since Mrs. Smooch’s bachelors is in kinesiology (study of movement), she suggested a few stretches to kick things off.  Here is a fun husband and wife video on partner stretches.  We did our favorite type of partner stretching called PNF (Propioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation).  If you want to learn more, check out this great video of PNF stretches.  Essentially, we picked a stretch and only went to the point of tightness, not pain.  Hands were allowed to go anywhere, but joints.

These simple stretches became very ridiculous after a while.  Mr. Smooch was hilariously inflexible and Mrs. Smooch kept adjusting where she stood so that she could support the weight of his leg or torso.  We were up close and personal on each stretch and giggling throughout. At first, Mr. Smooch thought we’d need to do a makeup date, since stretching didn’t feel like a date. However, by the end he changed his tune. The date was funny, created great conversation, and gave us an excuse to be close to each other (very close).  We reflected on the day where we both were feeling a bit drained on top of the soreness. Having a night focused on each other and adding a few inches to our range of motion was exactly the type of miniature success we both needed. Also, it felt great.

We decided to keep this as the date night and not schedule a make-up because we wanted to highlight just how simple a date night can be.  Although we love our nights out of the house as well as our Smooch Night boxed dates, sometimes a simple act like stretching (while adding your partner as an active participant) is all that you need to create good conversation and feel closer to each other.  Don’t over complicate things. Life is challenging enough. Find your most ridiculous exercise outfit, have your date lay down, gently push/pull your date’s limbs, and then reflect on how lucky you are to have each other.

Have fun and date playfully 😉

Mr. and Mrs. Smooch

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