Date 1 of 52 Laughing Taffy

Date 1: Laughing Taffy

Mood:  Exhausted turned into playful thanks to this goofy date

Location:  Our kitchen

Time Spent:  1.5 hours

Fails:  Mr. Smooch falling asleep with the kids and a kid waking up halfway through

For week 1 in our 52 week date challenge, we are making our own salt water taffy, yum!  We started our date by asking Alexa to play fun 70’s songs, since the original Laffy Taffy candy was created in the 1970’s.  With the bouncy music, we both couldn’t help but to wiggle around while getting everything out of our Laughing Taffy Date Box.  As we were waiting for the water to boil, in order to calibrate our new candy thermometer, we had a little victory dance party.  Kids are sleeping and it is us time! Even though Mrs. Smooch still has not showered yet today, she is doing her Brick House 70’s dance as if she has a shiny disco dress on.  Mr. Smooch is shaking off the unexpected nap he took while doing the kids’ bedtime routine. 

Once the water gets to a rapid boil, we realize that our thermometer is off by 10 deg F and our final temperature will now be 260 deg F (instead of 250 deg F) - test yours too.  We try some of the candies in the box and guess the flavor, as we wait for the taffy to reach its final temperature.  Mrs. Smooch realizes that she is horrible at guessing candy flavors when blindfolded.  While waiting for the candy to cool, we go through a joke book and laugh about jokes that our kids would enjoy and then find a few gems that we write down for each other to open the next day at lunch.  Then it is time to get physical – with the taffy I mean.  

The stretching part of this date is always difficult, but a lot of fun.  We folded the taffy over and over, pulling it until it started to turn a much lighter color and opaque.  There are always times when this feels like it will fail, and if you didn’t cook it to the right temperature it can fail, but we keep going and end up with a successful batch of strawberry taffy.  This taffy pulling part takes us a bit of time and we used it to catch up on the week.  What is bothering us, what are we excited about, funny stories, etc.  As the fail intro section alludes to, there was a point where our youngest started crying and we thought for sure she’d be up and date night would be over.  Luckily, by the time we ran up the stairs she had already fallen back asleep and we were in the clear.  That is why we have back up date nights though and luckily this one went off without a hitch.  Mr. Smooch had fallen asleep with the kiddos when putting them to bed, this happens on occasion, but he rallied.  He mentioned that the structure and playfulness of the date really gave him energy.  If you are like us, those ambiguous nights are the difficult ones to connect on.  Sometimes just following instructions, even if we were the ones who created them, forces us into a date state of mind.  

We love our date nights and hope you find time for them too - whatever frequency works for you.  Although we love going out, we need stay in date nights in order to be consistent at connecting.

Date Playfully!

Mr. And Mrs. Smooch  

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