Seeking Knowledge in EDH

For the love of good books!

For the love of good books!

Hello Smoochers,

The theme for the night is learning something new together. It’s all about making each other better people over time and a good book is a great place to start. Swing by Face in a Book, in the heart of Town Center, to kick things off. Pick a skill or topic you’ve always wanted to learn together (ex. beer making, photography, Kama Sutra). Ask Tina, Janis, or any of the wonderful people there for some help. Then swing by one of our favorite spots lately, Selland’s Market-Cafe, for the $25 dinner for 2 and a bottle of wine. I know, right!

Go through your book over dinner and wine together. Make a plan on how you can learn this new skill together. Maybe even go through a few chapters aloud to each other. After dinner, take a short drive up Valley View Parkway off of White Rock Road and take a look at the stars if it’s nice out. Regardless of the weather, take the opportunity to make out in the car at the top of the hill like a couple of teenagers.

We hope you enjoy. Help out your fellow Smoochers by leaving a comment with your favorite local date night. As always, send us your feedback and date playfully.

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